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Inventions to fight the Goa’uld! 🙂

A sincere welcome to all.

I started this blog with the hope of helping people concerned with their privacy to find and easily use the tools they need.

I realise we’re not exactly short on so-called security gurus, by which I mean middle aged men with ponytails who sit their smugly proclaiming, “Well the safest thing you can do is to put your PC in a block of cement and drop it in the ocean!” (After a while you begin to feel the urge to do the same to them..)

However my MO is to explain in simple terms how to use some popular and also less well known products in a format that’s simple to understand. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise privacy is an achievable goal. Also don’t forget you’re only paranoid if you’re wrong! 🙂

If you have any questions please check out my FAQ initially. Otherwise feel free to send me an e-mail.  My GPG public key is available here.

Recent Posts:


Truecrypt or Falsecrypt?

I explore the recent controversy surrounding Truecrypt and some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Alternatives to Truecrypt

Having established that Truecrypt is looking fairly suspicious, I list some easy to use alternatives. I also have a separate tutorial on how to use tcplay which is a program which allows you to create and use Truecrypt containers without using the program itself. I’ll also be posting a guide on how to create encrypted containers using Linux built in tools in due course.

Don’t fear the Command Line!

A short introduction to the Linux command line, coupled with a frank admission that I have no idea about most commands and simply copy and paste most of them from the internet.

Encryption Best Practices

A few pointers about keeping your data safe.


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